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Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Firestone’s participation in the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race represents one of the longest relationships in motorsports. When you combine the 52 Indy 500 victories earned by Firestone at the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, you have rich tradition backed by a history of performance. The Firehawk INDY 500 is a Performance All-Season tire that was developed for the drivers of cars & light trucks that want to celebrate that tradition by combining Firehawk performance tires with the INDY 500 & “Wings & Wheel” logo of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
The Firehawk INDY 500 with UNI-T uses Firestone’s WeatherGrip HP Tread Compound molded into an independent block tread pattern to enhance year-round traction. The tread pattern also uses Firestone’s “Power V” derived technology to further enhance wet traction. Internally, the Firehawk INDY 500 tire’s twin steel belts & polyester cord body deliver responsive handling & cornering stability along with a smooth ride. Additionally, a single str& of steel that is spirally-wound is used to form beads that are rounder for a better fit to the wheel & to further enhance handling & ride quality.
The S-speed rated Firehawk INDY 500 tires feature sidewall styling that spell out “Firehawk” & “INDY 500” in solid raised white letters with the Firestone & Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s “Wings & Wheel” logos in black (on the reverse side of the tire, all elements are in black reversed out of a stylized black circumferential band). The T-speed rated tires feature the stylized black circumferential b& type of styling on both sidewalls. Firehawk INDY 500 tires are available in 70-, 65-, 60- & 50-series sizes for 13" to 15" wheel diameters.
NOTE: Tires with section widths of up to 215 mm in width (such as P215/60R14) feature a four “rib” tread design, while tires with section widths of 225 mm (such as P225/60R15) & wider feature a five “rib” tread pattern.


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