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Dunlop Signature CS

The Signature CS is Dunlop's Highway All-Season light truck tire developed for the drivers of crossover and sport utility vehicles looking to combine performance style, touring comfort and all-season traction. It is designed to provide predictable handling, quiet comfort and competent traction on dry and wet roads, as well as in light snow.

The Signature CS molds an all-season tread compound into a symmetric tread design that features a continuous center rib to enhance directional stability and straight-line tracking. Siped, independent tread blocks separated by Evaqua Grooves provide all-season capability and water evacuation for wet traction. The tire's internal structure was developed using Dunlop's VersaLoad Technology to provide consistent handling, ride comfort and tread wear by maintaining the shape of the contact patch under a wide range of load conditions. T- and H-speed rated sizes feature Dunlop's Jointless Band (JLB) Technology to help maintain the tire's shape and facilitate smooth operation at highway speeds.

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