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Dunlop SP Super Sport Race

The SP Super Sport Race is Dunlop’s DOT-legal Competition tire developed to help drivers enjoy their vehicle's performance when participating in racetrack drivers’ schools & lapping days. The SP Super Sport Race offers enhanced dry weather performance compared to conventional road tires, & improved damp track performance compared to many other track-oriented tires.
On the outside, the SP Super Sport Race uses a tread compound developed from Dunlop's racing experience molded into a directional tread design inspired by Dunlop's wet race tire. It features large independent shoulder blocks flanking a low void center zone to enhance dry cornering traction, steering response & high-speed stability without neglecting wet traction.
On the inside, the SP Super Sport Race has a Multi Radius profile supported by twin steel belts that are reinforced by Dunlop's JointLess B& (JLB) of nylon, & rayon cord body plies for high performance handling & high speed capability.
The SP Super Sport Race is molded with 6mm (7.6/32") of tread depth in its grooves & is available unshaved for use on damp tracks or shaved to between 3/32” to 4/32" of tread depth for use on dry tracks.
Caution: The SP Super Sport Race is not recommended for driving on extremely wet roads where there is the risk of hydroplaning. This is especially true of shaved or worn tires. Drivers should drive cautiously at reduced speeds in these conditions.
Dunlop SP Super Sport Race tires feature black letter styling, are Y-speed rated & available in selected 45-, 40-, 35-, & 30-series sizes for 17" & 18" wheel diameters.



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