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Dunlop SP Sport FM901


The SP Sport FM901 is Dunlopís Ultra High Performance "summer" radial designed to blend sizzling appearance & performance for today's sports cars, coupes & sporty sedans. This also makes the SP Sport FM901 an ideal candidate for customizing vehicles by providing a look & size lineup that provides a wide range of "Plus Two" or "Plus Three" applications.
On the outside, the SP Sport FM901's wide tread features large interlocking tread blocks that are aligned in a directional pattern to enhance dry traction & handling, increase wet traction & resist hydroplaning. Dunlop's "Chaos" tread block arrangement varies the size & shape of the tread blocks to help break up repetitive patterns & minimize noise levels. On the inside, the SP Sport FM901 features two steel belts reinforced by a spirally-wrapped JointLess B& (JLB) of nylon to support the tread area for high-speed durability & predictable handling while minimizing weight & improving ride uniformity. Additionally, a single str& of steel that is spirally-wound forms beads that are rounder for a better fit to the wheel & to further enhance handling & ride quality.
Dunlop SP Sport FM901 tires feature black letter styling & are available in 55-, 50-, 45-, 40- & 35-series; V- & W-speed rated sizes for 15" to 18" wheel diameters.

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