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Dunlop SP Sport A2

The SP Sport A2 is Dunlopís High Performance All-Season radial designed to compromise the least on all-season high performance while delivering the greatest value. The SP Sport A2 is designed to blend long treadwear, responsive handling & dependable traction on dry roads, wet roads & even in light snow.
On the outside, the SP Sport A2 molds an innovative dual-phase tread compound into a mildly asymmetric tread design that features outside shoulder blocks with minimal siping to enhance steering response & cornering stability while the inside shoulder blocks feature more sipes to provide the additional biting edges to aid traction in foul weather. The SP Sport A2 radialís 3-rib center contact patch is designed to enhance dry, wet & light snow traction during acceleration, braking & cornering. The entire tread design features Dunlopís ďCHAOSĒ pitch sequencing of tread block shapes & sizes to help reduce noise to increase comfort. On the inside, the SP Sport A2 features twin, high-density steel belts reinforced by Dunlopís JointLess B& nylon to enhance driving control & provide long, even treadwear while minimizing weight & enhancing ride quality. Additionally, hard rubber bead fillers & a high ply turn-up enhance steering response & cornering stability.
The Dunlop SP Sport A2 radialís sidewall styling features black letters reversed out of a circumferential serrated band, & is available in 70-, 65-, 60-, 55- & 55-series sizes in 14Ē through 17Ē rim diameters.


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