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Dunlop SP Sport 9000

The SP Sport 9000 is Dunlop's Max Performance tire thanks to its "HydroMax" hydroplaning resistance capabilities in standing water. It is designed for the drivers of sports cars, coupes & sedans to provide performance & comfort in the dry, along with superior hydroplaning resistance in the wet.
On the outside, the SP Sport 9000 tire features a high silica content tread compound molded into a design that features substantial open grooves (44% groove - 56% rubber) in the center of the design to minimize hydroplaning, & directional high contact shoulder grooves (85% rubber - 15% groove) to enhance steering response & dry road cornering. On the inside, Jointless Bands (JLB) of nylon provide high speed capability while helping improve ride comfort & handling. The SP Sport 9000 construction provides light weight structural integrity, splice free reinforcement uniformity, & an even distribution of footprint pressure.
Dunlop SP Sport 9000 tires feature black letter styling & is available in 55-, 50-, 45-, 40-, 35- & 30-series; V-, W-, Y & Z-speed rated sizes for 15" to 22" wheel diameters.



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