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Dunlop SP Sport 9000 DSST

In order to minimize the the inconvenience of the inevitable flat tire, Dunlop has been developing run-flat tire technology since the early 1970s. Dunlop''s early DENOVO run-flat tires were followed by their Denloc ultra high performance run-flat tires which were used as original equipment on the Porsche 959 supercar with its 200 mph top speed. Additionally, Dunlop racing tires incorporating the Denloc design were used by IMSA GTP and FIA Group C Class racing cars for North American and international endurance racing events such as the 24 Hours of Daytona and 24 Hours of LeMans. The disadvantage of these earlier systems was that they required the use of unique wheels which greatly increased the cost of installing a run-flat system.

More recently in Europe, Dunlop has sold ultra high performance tires which incorporate a new run-flat technology that is designed to be mounted on current original equipment and aftermarket wheels. This run-flat technology is being introduced in the United States by incorporating it into Dunlop''s flagship "HydroMax" performance tire, the SP Sport 9000. This new run-flat tire line currently offers five sizes and has been named the SP Sport 9000 DSST, with the DSST suffix identifying that it utilizes Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology.

Designed to continue running for up to 50 miles at speeds up to 55 mph even after sustaining air pressure losses which would render conventional tires unusable, SP Sport 9000 DSST tires allow drivers the convenience of being able to better choose when and where they will have their tire repaired. For that matter, when driven straight down the road or on the highway, SP Sport 9000 DSST tires are so good at masking the traditional loss-of-air symptoms which accompany a flat tire, that they require a tire pressure monitoring system to alert the driver that they have lost air pressure.



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