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Dunlop SP Sport 8080E

For many BMW M3, Z3 and M Roadster drivers, finding replacement tires for their car can be compared to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Yet, the needs of their vehicles are answered by the SP Sport 8080E tires which are made by Dunlop in Germany. These tires are manufactured in the required 225/45ZR17 and 245/40ZR17 sizes and are readily available at The Tire Rack. While the SP Sport 8080E's name may make the tire sound more different than it really is, it helps identify the tires used as BMW's 17" option on the the Z3 and as original equipment on the M Roadster (and differentiates them from Dunlop's SP Sport 8000).

On the outside, the SP Sport 8080E shares the basic design and directional tread pattern of the SP Sport 8000 to resist high speed hydroplaning on wet roads. It also features a silica enhanced tread compound (signified by the use of the "E" in its name, as in "8080E") to improve wet traction at all speeds and enhance treadwear. In the bead area the SP Sport 8080E features Dunlop's Max Flange Shield (MFS) which helps protect alloy wheels from curb damage when parking.

On the inside, its twin steel belts are reinforced by JointLess Band (JLB) of nylon to provide Z-high speed capability while reducing weight and enhancing performance and ride quality. The SP Sport 8080E also features Dunlop's continuously wound Single Strand Bead (SSB) to allow it to fit the rim snugly while it further improve ride uniformity.



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