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Dunlop SP 60

The SP 60 is Dunlop's All-Season passenger tire developed for imported & domestic coupes, sedans & minivans using a balanced blend of leading technologies & innovative design. The SP 60 is designed to deliver a comfortable driving experience while providing predictable handling, a smooth ride, long wear & year-round traction, even in light snow.
On the outside, the SP 60 molds its long-wearing, all-season tread compound into a web-like block & groove tread pattern resulting in siped, independent tread blocks & lateral tread grooves to provide handling, traction & hydroplaning resistance. Internally, the SP 60 features wide, high-density steel belts on top of Dunlop's Dimensionally Stable Polyester (DSP) that uses a special manufacturing process that pre-stretches & pre-cures the polyester ply cords to produce a stronger cord that maintains tire uniformity for a smooth, comfortable ride.
Depending on tire size, Dunlop SP 60 tires feature white stripe or black sidewall styling.


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