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Dunlop GT Qualifier T


The Dunlop GT Qualifier T continues a tradition that began over 10 years ago when Dunlop first used the Qualifier name on its performance tire family. Now, as Dunlop introduces the newest member of the GT Qualifier family, it has maintained the size requirements for the traditional vehicles of the past while adding the new sizes for the vehicles of the present.
The GT Qualifier T radial line offers T-rated high speed durability blended with an aesthetically exciting tread pattern. Its sidewall styling features bold raised white letters and/or smooth black letters set against a serrated circumferential band. Its All-Season tread design uses a premium tread compound which blends traction on dry, wet & light snow covered roads, & is supported by wide steel belts to provide predictable handling & good treadwear. The GT Qualifier T features an internal construction that begins with a precise tire-to-wheel fit to minimize vibration & ensure good ride comfort, while sidewall reinforcements help control carcass flex to provide good steering response.
The applications for the new GT Qualifier T include the popular raised white letter sizes for classic muscle cars, vans & pickups, along with blackwall styling for today's sporty coupes & sedans. The GT Qualifier T features a 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty backed by Dunlop.


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