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Continental CrossContact LX

The CrossContact LX is Continental Tire's premium Highway All-Season tire engineered to help sport utility vehicles & light duty pickup trucks perform on the highway, as well as in light off-road conditions. The CrossContact LX was developed to emphasis comfort, hydroplaning resistance & enhanced driving characteristics with year round traction, even in light snow.
On the outside, the CrossContact LX features an asymmetric tread design to blend traction & handling. On paved roads, the CrossContact LX provides precise steering response & straight road tracking. Open shoulders & high-density siped tread blocks enhance all-season traction & braking in light snow & off-road conditions, while three circumferential rows of central tread blocks boost stability & ride comfort. Continental's Acoustic Alterra Technology, derived from the study of sound over all surfaces, helps reduce road noise. On the inside, the CrossContact LX features twin steel belts to provide strength on top of a polyester cord body that helps cushion the ride. All sizes of the CrossContact LX come with a flanged lower sidewall to help reduce the possibility of curb damage to expensive wheels.
Depending on size, CrossContact LX Highway All-Season light truck tires feature smooth black letters reversed out of a serrated band, or outline white letters adjacent to a serrated band. They are T- or H-speed rated & available in a range of 75-, 70-, 65- & 60-series Euro-metric sizes to fit 15" through 18" diameter wheels.



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