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Continental ContiWinterContact TS810 S


ContiWinterContact TS810 S (Sport) Performance Winter tires were developed by Continental Tire to combine good snow traction with responsive handling & "European" high-speed capability. Available in low profile, H-, V-, or W-speed rated sizes, ContiWinterContact TS810 S tires are for the drivers of high performance sport cars, sport coupes & sporty sedans who require winter driving traction on dry, wet & snow-covered roads.
ContiWinterContact TS810 S studless winter tires are available in Self-Supporting Runflat (SSR) tires for BMW, MINI Cooper & Mercedes-Benz applications.
The ContiWinterContact TS810 S Performance Winter tires mold Continental Tire's innovative silica enhanced component compound into an asymmetric tread design with broad, rounded shoulder blocks to enhance dry road handling performance. These are combined with a continuous contact, notched rib design to provide more precise handling & sportier performance compared to the ContiWinterContact TS810. To reduce the risk of hydroplaning, the number of circumferential grooves that channel water through the footprint corresponds with the tire width (4 grooves in 255 mm & smaller-sized tires with 5 grooves in 265 mm & larger sizes). The tread design features 20% wider sipes on the inner shoulder & sipe spacers that prevent the sipes from closing during contact to provide the multiple biting edges necessary to help grip snow & ice & enhance winter traction without resorting to traditional metal studs.


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