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Bridgestone Potenza S-02

The Potenza S-02 is a max performance "summer" tire designed for high performance sports cars, sedans and coupes. Used as original equipment on Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes and Porsche cars, it was developed to provide exceptional levels of wet and dry traction along with responsive and predictable handling. The S-02 and Potenza S-02 tires feature Bridgestone's UNI-T (Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology) that uses tread compound and construction features to enhance tire performance. It is not intended to be used in snow.

On the outside, the Potenza S-02 features a directional tread design with "high angle" lateral tread grooves aligned to effectively pump water from under the tire's footprint to the sides to minimize hydroplaning. The resulting long tread blocks and continuous center rib molded of a high grip tread compound provide responsive handling, high-speed stability and traction. Internally, the Potenza S-02 features twin steel belts reinforced by a spiral-wrapped cap ply combined with spiral-wrapped belt edge strips to minimize weight while stabilizing the tread area to enhancing handling and high-speed capability. The polyester or rayon cord body incorporates a wire reinforced hard rubber sidewall filler to help blend ride quality with handling stability.


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