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BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KD SSS

BFGoodrich's new family of g-Force T/A tires are designed to increase every car's capabilities, and up until now if you wanted to experience g-Force performance you had to be a professional racing driver! This is because the first two members of this new BFGoodrich tire family are the g-Force T/A radial racing slicks used in the SCCA Trans Am series, and the g-Force T/A R1 DOT legal competition tires raced in the SCCA World Challenge series. Now the g-Force T/A KD is the third member of the family...and it's the one designed to make g-Force T/A performance available to driving enthusiasts on the street.

The g-Force T/A KD tires take BFGoodrich to the Max...Max Performance that is! Our Max Performance tire category is reserved for the technologically advanced tires that combine highly developed materials with state-of-the-art design and advanced manufacturing methods to provide superior performance. Just the kind of description BFGoodrich wanted for their g-Force T/A KD tires!

Designed to deliver BFGoodrich's ultimate level of "dry" road performance (hence the D in g-Force T/A KD), specific tires have been developed for the left and right side of the vehicle. The g-Force T/A KD is the first BFGoodrich tire to feature an asymmetric tread pattern (featuring large, stable blocks which provide more outer shoulder contact area than almost any other street tire in history) which increases cornering traction and steering response, combined with directional water evacuation channels to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Internally, the twin steel belts are reinforced by BFGoodrich's ETEC System (spirally wound nylon strips) that provide excellent strength, uniform ride quality, and Y-speed rated (186 mph) capability. And for handling control and feedback, g-Control sidewall inserts resist lateral deflection and allow the g-Force T/A KD tires to generate tremendous cornering force. So when you install g-Force T/A KD tires, you'd better prepare for some incredible g-Forces.


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