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BFGoodrich g-Force T/A Drag Radial

The BFGoodrich g-Force T/A Drag Radial is a DOT-approved street legal drag racing tire that was developed to meet the needs of the drivers of sport compact vehicles by providing race winning traction & control at the strip from a tire that is fully streetable. The g-Force T/A Drag Radial is BFGoodrich’s first tire to combine a proprietary drag racing tread design with a special radial carcass construction. The g-Force T/A Drag Radial…fully streetable with hero-making traction for the strip.

On the outside, the g-Force T/A Drag Radial molds a new tread rubber compound into a 5.5/32” deep directional tread design that features massive competition developed tread blocks for quick response & optimized for straight-line grip. High angle grooves help channel water toward the sides of the tire to enhance wet traction on the street. Internally, the g-Force T/A Drag Radial features two, full-width steel belts reinforced with BFGoodrich’s Equal Tension Containment (ETEC) system to stiffen the tread longitudinally & laterally. This helps prevent the contact area from distorting under acceleration while ensuring the consistency of the footprint from the starting line to its high-speed stability at the traps. The g-Force T/A Drag Radial also features a special radial carcass construction to enhance performance during the launch, provide high-speed control & reduce internal stresses for longer treadlife (compared to bias-ply drag racing tires).

BFGoodrich g-Force T/A Drag Radial tires feature sidewall styling with subtle black letters. They are available in selected 60-, 50-, 45- & 40-series sizes for the 14", 15” & 17" wheel diameters listed below. Due to their high grip tread compound g-Force T/A Drag Radial tires are not speed rated.


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