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BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX

The Krawler T/A KX (KX is for Key feature: eXtreme traction) is BFGoodrich's Off-Road Maximum Traction tire for off-road enthusiasts who participate in the extreme driving sport of rock crawling to challenge their driving skills and the off-road performance of their vehicles. This purpose-built rock crawling tire was developed through participation in competition as BFGoodrich worked directly with rock crawling enthusiasts.

The Krawler T/A KX features a softer tread compound based on BFGoodrich's years of off-road experience molded into an extra deep tread design. During the Krawler T/A KX development it was decided that it would be beneficial to develop two different tread designs in the 37x12.50R17 size. The first design is molded with a tread pattern that combines deep, aggressive independent blocks with solid sidewall lugs. The second design starts with only the tread pattern's continuous center rib and inner and outer lateral lugs molded. The remaining tread pattern can be further personalized by hand-grooving it to add sipes and/or to generate a unique block pattern. While hand grooving a tire requires specialized equipment, skill and practice, it provides the ultimate in tread design flexibility. The tire's internal structure is built like some of BFGoodrich's off-road racing tires featuring twin steel belts and four nylon sidewall plies. A rim protector rounds out the package by providing improved wheel and tire protection, especially in aired-down off-road situations.


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