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BFGoodrich Commercial T/A Traction

The Commercial T/A Traction is BFGoodrich's Commercial Traction light truck tire developed to combine on- and off-road traction with light truck tire capabilities for pickup, van, SUV and commercial vehicle drivers. The Commercial T/A Traction is designed to provide on- and off-road drive-axle traction in demanding conditions.

Commercial T/A Traction radials feature an aggressive symmetric tread design that uses independent shoulder lugs and intermediate tread blocks to blend handling with poor weather traction. Wide circumferential grooves provide hydroplaning resistance while lateral grooves and multiple sipes provide the biting edges needed to enhance snow traction. The tire's structure includes twin steel belts to increase handling and traction while improving bruise and puncture resistance. A two-ply polyester cord body helps absorb road shock to enhance ride quality.

The Commercial T/A Traction meets the industry's severe snow service requirements and is branded with the snowflake-on-the-mountain symbol. It is also molded to accept studs for drivers that want enhanced ice traction.


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