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Avon Turbosteel 70


The Turbosteel 70 is a Grand Touring Summer tire member of AVON Tyres' family of Original Equipment tires. The Turbosteel 70 is designed to bestow comfort and confidence to the drivers of European prestige sedans by providing traction, handling and steering response in dry and wet road conditions. The Turbosteel 70 is not intended to be driven in snow.

On the outside, the Turbosteel 70 features a summer tread compound molded into a six-rib tread design to enhance traction, steering response and cornering stability. The tread design provides constant rubber-to-road contact to enhance straight line tracking while reducing noise levels. The location of the zigzag circumferential grooves blends dry road performance with wet road traction.

On the inside, the Turbosteel 70 features twin steel belts reinforced by nylon that helps resist distortion at high speeds and while cornering, along with a rayon cord carcass that enhances ride comfort.

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