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Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z II Review – Video

Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z II Review – Video

Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z II Review (1)


With the Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z II Tire you can expect to have exceptional wet and dry handling due to the multi directional water channels of the unique tread pattern.

Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z II Features & Specifications

  • Offers Ultimate Grip and Handling in Wet or Dry Conditions
  • Combines Compounds Composed of Ultra Micro Carbon Technology and Silica Based Rubber Engineering – Improving wet and dry traction
  • Revolutionary, Advanced, Aggressive Directional Tread Pattern
  • Bold, Wide Tread – Aggressive appearance, unyielding grip
  • Deep, Circumferential Center Rain Groove – Provides phenomenal hydroplaning resistance
  • Multi-Direction Water Channels – Improve wet traction and increase handling grip, handling performance, and steering response in the wet
  • Short, Wide Tread Blocks – Provide excellent cornering grip and performance, with quiet ride and reduced irregular wear
  • Variable Width Lateral Grooves – Minimize tread noise for quiet control while allowing excellent water evacuation from tread area
  • Wide Block Shoulder Stabilizers – Strengthen shoulders for maximum dry grip and greater, more predictable, steering response for cornering control, while minimizing irregular wear
  • Chaos Tread Pitch Sequencing – Minimizes noise for exceptionally quiet ride
  • Full-Width, High Density Steel Belts, Wrapped with Jointless Band Cap Ply – Promote stable, predictable handling, smooth ride, even treadwear, and superb uniformity
  • PSP Technology – Optimizes overall casing durability throughout the life of the tire
  • Wheel Flange Guard – Protects the wheel rim from curbing damage

Customer Reviews

“Bought a set of these tires to replace the mis-matched set that were on my Boxster when I first purchased it. I was somewhat hesitant since they are very cheap compared to other performance tires available for my car. I then took the car on a 10 day road trip from WI to KY, NC, SC, GA and IN and the handling was fantastic. (Especially on the Dragon!) They are extremely quiet and give a very comfortable ride. Very little treadware as well. Will absolutely purchase another set when I finally need them.”

“This tire is a bargain tire. It is listed as ‘Ultra-High Performance’, but I would say it’s capabilities fall more in the ‘High Performance’ range. They aren’t a very sticky tire and it takes a lot to get them to warm up. The sidewalls are ultra stiff and this translates to a very responsive feel in steering while also causing a bit harsher ride than some other comparable tires. The tires provide pretty decent corner holding ability and give plenty of notice before giving out, but it is not on the same level as what you would see in an ‘Ultra-High Performance’ tire. These tires are a fantastic value if you do some spirited street driving, though I wouldn’t use them competitively. The traction from a dig is pretty good if you have AWD; they allow just enough slip as to not drop your transmission in the roadway, but not so much that any lateral movement happens. If you are on a RWD platform, you may want something that hooks a little better. These tires do not work well below 30 degrees f, they have trouble heating up and cannot keep traction when power is applied. Fantastic for doing powerslides when it’s cool out if you’re into that. The tires are very lightweight compared to others, which has it’s obvious advantages. Treadwear has been fantastic over 8,000 miles and they wear pretty even. They can be loud at certain speeds, for me it’s between 60 and 70 mph, they do quiet down if you are able to get them warmed up. I have run these on an 09 Mini Cooper S and they were phenomenal,my 06 STi (big turbo, with coilovers) tends to overpower them too easily, though they do alright on my stock 2011 WRX.”

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