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How To Make Your Tires Shine – Video

How To Make Your Tires Shine – Video

How To Make Your Tires Shine (2)


When applying tire dressing onto a vehicle you always want to do it properly. Using the right application along with the right products makes all the difference in the world. In this video the expert will show you how to apply on a silicone solvent based tire shine properly.

Here are some simple steps to get a lasting, new-tire look.

  • Remove road grime from the sidewalls using a brush, mild soap, and water. For best results, use cleansers specifically designed for rubber.
  • For a longer-lasting shine, make sure the tires are dry before you apply tire care products.
  • Apply a tire rejuvenator periodically to lay a good foundation for routine tire maintenance. These products contain black dye that will restore tires to their original dark color, so be sure to read labels before applying products to tires with white sidewalls or raised lettering. You may want to use rubber gloves to avoid getting the darkening agent on your hands.
  • For the finishing touch, apply tire dressing. For optimal results, use a hand applicator to distribute the product evenly around each tire’s sidewall. A single application should result in a good satin shine, but you’ll need to apply a second coat, if you want more of a wet look.

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