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Bridgestone RE-71R Tire Review – Video

Bridgestone RE-71R Tire Review – Video

Bridgestone RE-71R Tire Review (2)


Youtuber “My WRX Channel” reviews the Bridgestone RE-71R tires on my 2015 Subaru WRX. This tire has quickly spread to one of the “go-to” tires for avid autocross enthusiasts and track goers for it’s amazing grip and crisp turn-in.

Not for the casual driver, the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R is engineered with technology inspired by racing. Designed for maximum grip under braking and cornering conditions the Potenza RE-71R responds to your driving in wet or dry conditions. So whether you’re on the road or on the track, the Potenza RE-71R will give you the extra advantage you need to win.

Other Customer reviews

“I purchased these tires to run on the front of an H-Street class Honda Civic Si. They were used in a final local event (wet) and the state championship (NCAC) in November which I won and was the highest PAXed FWD car. After two events this year they are already corded about 60 runs total. Wear is horrible on this camber limited car, which does have Honda crash bolts installed. They wear like pencil erasers on sand paper. Just before cording blisters appeared and rubber was tearing off the cords like I’ve never seen before within two autox runs on a 40 second course.

Overall grip is pretty good, they feel like an older generation of Rcomp tires perhaps a tick slower. However they don’t seem to shed heat as well and can lose grip after repeated runs without cooling with water. Competitive drivers will probably elect to shave to 5-632nds to help with this issue that will likely plague most of these 200TW racey tires. Overall the sidewalls are firm and prevent excessive rollever. Steering response is appropriate for fast driving and they are easy to adapt to and find good pressure. On wet runs the breakaway is predictable and recoverable, with hydroplanning resistance at full tread is acceptable.

Overall experience is not favorable even though they allow good performance. With this life I’ll be going back to Star Specs for local events. If you run these tires on a HS/GS/DS car like ours I’d advise flipping the tires on the rims every two events to help prevent cording. However, for us that is not an expense we want to bear, nor using 6 tires to make it through a local autox season. If you have a real sportscar or something with an aftermarket suspension setup wear will likely be more even but still fast from what I see in other classes.”

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